Annual Wind River Conference

Wind River Conference - Annually since 1999


The Wind River Conference (WRC) has been around for more than 50 years. Many of the years were at the neighboring ranch (Wind River Ranch, hence the name). Then, the owners sold the WR Ranch and we started looking for place to have our meeting in this locale. At the 25th WRC we had our banquet, because of 125 attendees, at Aspen Lodge next door. My impression was that the Aspen Lodge was a fancier place and probably too expensive for our academic budgets. A lot of us brought students to the meeting and paid for them.

2014 Wind River Conference

I had scouted other sites in Estes Park and the Aspen Lodge area but none suited our needs. So, I stopped by Aspen Lodge. I was met by a very nice lady, Amber, who asked me why I needed the Aspen Lodge and when would the meeting be? I told her we are an international scientific meeting, which brings in 80-100 people a year from all over. She nodded. I also told her that our budgets, which our parent schools approve, are limited. She nodded again. I told her we would come in the first week of June, and she smiled. My colleagues and I came to talk with her in detail and we agreed that they could match our budgets match our space needs and we could come early enough to “train” their kitchen workers. It was a match made in heaven. So, for the last almost 15 years we have been at Aspen Lodge. The staff has been wonderful, the food mighty good, and ambiance unexcelled. The meeting runs mornings, evenings, and at least one afternoon is free for people to explore Estes Park, the trails, the lakes, the mountains. We are extremely happy here. Last year we had a scare when a mudslide wanted to ruin our meeting plans. The staff did a heroic job of cleaning up and we had our meeting as always. This was the best meeting I can remember, because everyone participated maximally and the sessions were vibrant. I suspect the fact that we were able to hold the meeting here was key to the superb meeting.

Anyway, we plan to be here for many, many more years. If any of you are molecular biologists or bacteriologists, we would welcome you. We are the Wind River Conference on Prokaryotic Biology. In 2015 will be our 59th annual meeting.

Good colleagues, good science, beautiful place, good hosts, what more could any meeting want? Come and experience the Aspen lodge for yourself.

Dr. Uldis N. Streips - Professor, University of Louisville School of Medicine, Chief Officer of the Conference

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